Step 1
If your new to Texas you’ve got to go to a good BBQ joint and get some brisket. It’s going to change your whole concept of bbq and maybe your handwriting. Next you’re going to go to HEB buy one and try to cook it on your grill, in your oven, or some other thing you think will work. It wont.

Step 2
Now you know why you need a smoker. You have two choices, metal or masonry. Since I’m a mason I may be a little biased, but let me make my case. You need low, even , indirect heat , for a long time. Masonry smokers obsorb the temperature spikes and release the heat evenly. Metal smokers have thin conductive walls that cool quickly. Masonry smokers require half the tending and use half the wood. Bricks are porous. Water can be added to adjust temperature and keep the meat moist.

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